Dwarka Somnath Tour

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Dwarka Considered as a holy city, and well known for its temples and as a pilgrimage centre for Hindus. LORD Krishna selected this area as his home and kingdom after leaving mathura and Dwarkadheesh Temple in Dwarka is where Lord Krishna is worshipped as the King of Dwarka.

Rukhmani Temple

Rukmani Devi Temple is 2500 year old temple and located at a distance of 2 kms away from Dwarkadhish Temple. It is dedicated to Rukmini, one of the wives of Lord Krishna and an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. There Is A Myth Associated With It Once Krishna And Rukhmani Went To 'Durvasha Rushi' To Invite Him At Dwarka. It is said that at the request of sage Durvasa, Krishna and Rukmini pulled a chariot taking sage Durvasa to their house for dinner.On the way, when Rukmini asked for water to quench her thirst, Krishna drew Ganges water, by prodding the ground with his toe, for her to drink. Rukmini quenched her thirst with the Ganges water. But Durvasa felt insulted as Rukmini did not have the courtesy to offer him water to drink. He, therefore, cursed her that she would live separately from her husband.

Dwarkadish Temple

Dwarka Considered as a holy city, and well known for its temples and as a pilgrimage centre for Hindus and it is One of the four Dhams Of Hinduism. Sri Krishna Renounced War In Mathura For The Greater Good Of The People Living In The Region (And Was Hence Known By The Name Ranchodrai') And Founded The City Of Dwarka. Sightseeing In Dwarkas Are Dwarkadish Temple, Rukhmani Temple, Gopi Talav (Pond), Nageshwara Jyotirling, Bet Dwarka.

Dwarkadish Temple:

The Temple Has A Five Storey Tower Which Was Built By Sambha, Who Is The Grandson Of Lord Sri Krishna. The Temple Is Made Of Limestone And Sand. The temple spire rises to a height of 78 metres (256 ft) and a very large flag with symbols of Sun and Moon is hoisted on it., Which Waves In The Air Beautifully Welcoming The Pilgrims. The Structure Of The Temple Is Quite Complicated. There are two important entrances to the temple, one is the main entry door which is called the Moksha Dwar (meaning “Door to Salvation") and the exit door which is known as the Swarga Dwar (meaning: “Gate to Heaven").

Gopi Talav

Gopi Talav (Gopi Talab or pond), a pond situated 21 KMS Far From Dwarka, Gujarat. Gopis Used To Take Bath In This Lake So It Is Called Gopi Talav. Besides this the Gopi Talav (Gopi Talab or Pond) Associated with Arjuna, After the battel at Kurukshetra, Arjun Considered himself to be the best warrior of the world. To Realised his mistake, Lord Krishna asked Arjun to escort his queens to Bet Dwarka. On the way he got attacked near this pond by Kaba Community, and was eventually defeated. The queens were shocked at this and all died by jumping into the pond, Therefore, it is called Gopi Talav. The Main Attraction Of Gopi Lake Is Mahaprabhu Ji Bethak.

Nageshwar Jyotirling

Nageshvara Jyotirlinga Mandir is a temple dedicated to Shiva, and one of the twelve Jyotirlingas and one of the most visited place in Dwarka Somnath Tour. It Is Located On The Route Between Dwarka And The Bet Dwarka Island, The speciality here is a very big size murty (Deity) of Lord Shiva in the open sky. According To Shiv Puran, A Shiva Devotee By Name Supriya Was Attacked By A Demon Daruka While In A Boat. According To Shiv Puran, A Shiva Devotee By Name Supriya Was Attacked By A Demon Daruka While In A Boat and imprisoned him along with many others in his city of Darukavana, Where He Resided With His Wife Daruki. Supriya Advised All Prisoners To Recite The Mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. When Daruka Came To Know About This He Ran To Kill Supriya. Instantly Lord Shiva Appeared In The Form Of A Jyotirling. One Of The Nageshwar’s Attractions Is The 26 M Statue Of A Sitting Shiva Outside.

Beyt Dwarka

Beyt Dwarka Is Located 30 Kms North Of Dwarka On An Island In The Middle Of The Arabian Sea, Next To The Coastal Town Of  Okha. Here Vishnu Is Said To Have Kill A Demon. Beyt Dwarka Is Considered The Original Residence Of Lord Krishna. The Main Temple Was Built About 500 Years Ago By Shri Vallabhacharya, A Famous Guru Of The Pushtimarg Sampradaya And Has An Idol Believed To Have Been Made By Rukhmani. The Traditional Donation Of Rice To Brahmins Has Special Importance Here, As It Is Believed To Be The Place Where Krishna’s Friend Sudama Presented Him With Rice. The Temple Complex Includes Several Small Temples Dedicated To Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman And Devi. There Is A Deserted Beach On The Northern Coast.

Distance Of Dwarka From Main Cities Of Gujarat

  • Dwarka is 439 km from Ahmedabad Via NH 47 and NH 947.
  • Dwarka is 513.6 km From Baroda via NH947.
  • Dwarka is 225 km From Rajkot via NH947.
  • Dwarka is 131 km From jamnagar via NH947.
  • Dwarka is 257 km From Somnath via NH51.