Muslik Mahmud

Muslik-Mahmud I Begadha, Sultan Of Gujarat, Employed The Jats In The Siege Of Champaner (Chhota Udepur) In 1484, And Granted The Estate Of Bajana With 24 Villages To Their Leader Hadoji. The Jats Subsequently Conquered Mandal In Viramgam Taluqa From The Jhalas. They Were Allowed To Tetain Several Of Its Villages, Although Mandal Itself Was Taken By The Sultan. When The Sardar Of Bajana Incurred The Displeasure Of The Mughal Viceroy Of Gujarat, The Latter Resumed The Grant Of The Estate And Ordered It Partitioned Among Jat Maleks. Bajana Was Assigned To Hadoji (Haidar Khan), Valivada To Isaji. Isaji Later Conquered Warahi. Warahi Was Known As The Senior Jatwad, And Bajana As The Junior Jatwad.From 1921 To 1947 The Ruler Was Entitled To Elect A Representative Member Of The Chamber Of Princes. In 1948 His Privy Purse Was Set At Rs 65,500 A Year.At The Time Of Merger The Area Of The State Was 183 Square Miles, And The Population (1941) 13,996. From 1943 To 1947 Bajana Was Attached To Baroda. Bajana Is Now In Surendranagar District.

Captivating Historical Monuments

The Land Of Gujarat Is Blessed With Several Historical Monuments And Places Of Worship That Tell The Saga Of Forgone Days.

Gujarat Was Once Housed The Regions Of The Indus Valley Civilisation And Harappan Sites. Around 50 Harappan Sites Are Found In Gujarat. This Makes Gujarat An Important Territory, Unfolding The History Of India.And This Reflects Perfectly In Many Places Of Historical Importance Across Gujarat.