Gujarat’s Culture

Gujarat’s Culture

As Gujarat Stands As ‘Heart Of India’, Multiculturalism Is Traced In Gujarat. Gujarat Is A Flourishing State With Cultural Diversity. It Is Vibrant With Its True Colors Of Rich Heritage And Cultural Traditions. Dating Back To History With The Harappan Civilization, The State Becomes A Junction Of Many Religions – Hinduism, Islam, Jainism And Buddhism. The Gujarati Culture Blends In Arts, Beliefs, Customs, Traditions, Institutions, Inventions, Language, Technology And Values.

Gujarat Is Influenced With Enculturation; A Culture Shared With Members Of The Society And Passed On From One Generation To The Next. Enculturation Has Organized People With Common Sense Experience And Influence That Lead To Knowledge And Appreciation Of Cultural Traditions And Lifestyles. The Phase Of Joining Hands To Greet Or Bow Down Comes Through Age Influences As Proposal Reverence.

Shared Cultural Background Making People Feel To Home Ground And More Comfortable With Other People From Their Own Culture. Culture Jostle Unlike Other Countries Is Therefore, A Trackless Point Which Makes People More Confident And Swingeing As They Stand For A Challenge In Global Scenario.

Originally Known As Gujarat’s Guajarati’s Are Influenced by the Waves from the Past That Inherit Values of Arts, Culture and Traditions. Gujarat Has A Strong Cultural Influence Of Socio-Economic-Political History. It Has A Special Concernment In Indian Political History As It Is A Birthplace Of Mahatma Gandhi And The Main Influence To The People Of Gujarat With His System Of Non Violence Movement.

Festivals And Fairs, Arts And Crafts, Folk Dances, Music, Cuisine And Lifestyles Form A Major Cultural Background Of The People Who Belong To Gujarat. The Customs And Beliefs Make The Culture More Pleasant And Truly Blended With Values And Moral Characteristics.

Gujarat’s Are Usually Conservative Hindus Or Orthodox Muslims Living In A Society That Rigidly Follows Traditions And Social Orders. What Binds The Communities Together Is A Common Passion For Business And Making Money. The Gujarat’s Are Renowned For Their Business Acumen, Sharpened Through Centuries Of Maritime Trade And Commerce And An Inherent Ability To Do Business. The Native Gujarati Has Spread To Many Parts Of The World – Notably East And South Africa, UK And USA In Search Of New Business Opportunities. It Is This Spirit Of Entrepreneurship That Has Made Gujarat One Of The Most Industrialized States In India.

The Gujarat State Of India, Boasts Of A Rich Culture And Heritage. The People Of Gujarat Are Very Particular Regarding Their Value System. They Have Preserved The Ancient Art And Craft Techniques And Still Practice Them With Great Determination. Gujarat’s Are Proud of Their Customs and Traditions and Follow Them with Utmost Pride. The People Of Gujarat Are Very Simple And Live Life To The Fullest. The Spirit Of Gujarat Is Quite Visible From The Varied Fairs And Festivals Celebrated In The State. It Is Further Enriched By The Tribal People Residing Here. They Have Their Own Set Of Customs And Rituals. Thus, Gujarat Has A Cultural Diversity Which Is A Unique Feature Of The State And Is Randomly Seen.

Dances :

Gujarat Is Known As The Land Of Festivals. A Number Of Fairs And Festivals Are Celebrated In The State With Great Fervor And Joy. The Celebrations Of These Occasions Are Accompanied With Traditional Dance And Music Performances. The State Has Been Blessed With A Rich Tradition Of Performing Arts. The Basics Of The Dance Are Singing And Clapping Rhythmically While Going Around The Goddess. Today Many Modifications Are Prevalent To The Basic Pattern And Even Men Are Free To Join In. Women Are Dressed In Exquisitely Embroidered, Set In Mirrors Cholis, Ghaghras And Bandhani Dupattas! Extensive Jewelry In The Form Of Necklaces, Bracelets And Anklets Are Also Worn. The Typical Dress Code Of Men Is Kehediyu, Chudidar And A Turban.

Music :

Gujarat Is A State Of Music Lover And Has Produced Some Of The Best Musicians Of India. It Is Said That The Legendary Musicians Baiju Bawra And Tana Riri Belong To The State Itself. Narsinh Mehta, Of The ‘Vaishnav Janto’ Acclaim, Also Hails From Gujarat.

Religion :

Like All Other States Of India, Gujarat Is Also Inhabited By People Of Different Religions, Castes And Creeds. It Is One Of The Most Industrialized States Of India And Provides Employment Opportunities For The Youth. As A Result, People From Across The Country Have Settled In The State.

People :

Gujarat Boasts Of A Rich Culture And Heritage. The People of Gujarat Are Commonly Referred as Gujarat’s And The Main Language Spoken By Them Is Gujarati. Gujarat Is A Flourishing State In All Spheres And As A Result, Numerous People From Different Parts Of India Have Settled Here For Various Reasons.

History :

Gujarat has an ancient history and origin to boast of. It was earlier known as Gujarat (GUJARAT Rashtra), which means GUJARAT nation. Gujarat s was on old clan, which inhabited the area during the Mahabharata period. Another opinion regarding Gujarat’s is that they belonged to Central Asia.

Language :

Though The Local Language Spoken Is ‘Gujarati’ – It Remains A Mother Tongue For People Of Gujarat And Is Widely Spoken All Over The World Wherever A Gujarati Exist. Surti, Charotari, Kathiawai And Kutchi Languages Are Among The Many Others Languages Like Marathi, Sindhi and Punjabi Etc. Are Spoken In Gujarat Regions.

Food :

Majority Of The Guajarati’s Are Vegetarian. A Traditional ‘Gujarati Thali’ Consisting Of Dal (Lentils), Roti, Rice And Vegetables Apart From Salads, Farsan And Sweet Dish Followed By Chas, Forms The Morning Meal. Evening Food Consist Of ‘Bhakri-Shak’ Or Khichdi Kadhi. Mainly, The Diet Of The People Of Gujarat Consists Of Cereals, Pulses, Green Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Ghee, Butter-Milk, Etc. A Variety Of Cuisine Sub-Ordinates Like Pickles, Chutney, Papad, Yoghurt, Etc Serve As Fillings On Main Menu. A Variety Of Dishes Are Prepared By Gujarati Women Who Also Add Spice To Kitchen With Eateries From Other Regions Like The South Indian Food, Continental, Chinese Cuisines, Etc.

Work Culture :

Majority Of The Gujarati Thrive As Business Persons. However, Gujarat Is A Leading Industrial State That Ranks Its Commercial Capital And Textile City Ahmedabad As 7th In India. It Possesses Highest Number Of Operating Airports; The Gujarat Cities Are Connected Worldwide. Many Business Opportunities See Way To Development With The Vibrant Gujarat In Various Sectors As:

Faith and Beliefs :

Gujarat Has Major Multicultural Religious Faith System With The Inception Of All-Embracing Religious Faith Ranging From Caste To Caste. The Major Religions Followed Are Hinduism, Jainism And Buddhism. Groups Like Bohras And More Salaam Garasias, Kutchis Who Had Been Converted To Islam Still Have Eqaunimous Way Of Life Of A Typical Gujarati. Sunni Muslims Are Second Largest Group, Followed By Jains, Parsis Of Iranian Descent Of South Gujarat And Christians. People Of Gujarat Are God Fearing, Friendly And Good Natured. They Live In Harmony And Respect Each Other’s Faith And Beliefs. Guajarati’s are Often Found to Mingle and Enjoy All Religious Festivals with No Caste or Creed Differences.