Chitra Vichitra fair is considered one of the most striking fair of Gujarat. It is a colorful celebration where people are dressed in tribal costumes and present the Bhills culture. This fair is also a great opportunity for tribal men to meet prospective partners for marriage. Numerous couples have been known to elope directly from the fair site. The tribal women are seen at the river in order to mourn for their near and dear departed ones.

The name of the fair is derived from two brothers Chitravirya and Vichitravirya, sons of King Shantanu, and step brothers of Bhishma. There is a belief that they had settled here and
were cured of their diseases by the waters of this site. The tribal people of Gujarat consider Numbers of people are dressed in tribal costumes and in their beautiful traditional accessories in order to attend the fair.
Men dressed in dhoti and saffron or red turban, blue shirt whereas women dress themselves in ghagharas and are ornamented in exquisite jewelry of silver from head till toe. They also use liquid kumkum or vermilion to color their cheeks and lip a brilliant red, while their eyes are outlined vibrantly with kajal. A large number of Garasia and Bhills tribal people visit this region. Over a hundred stalls hold food and drink, and sweets of various kinds. Silver ornaments and household items are out for sale.

There is also a giant wheel and a merry-go-round. Various kinds of folk dance and song performances are carried out by the people. They even carry their own drums and create vibrant and colorful atmosphere with the incessant beat of their countless drums.


Fair is held at the village of Gubhakhari in Sabarkantha District. The site for this fair is related to the Mahabharat as the site where Chitraveer and Vichitraveer apologize for indulgences at the Shiva temple around which the fair is held.


The fair is held a fortnight after Holi, around the month of March-April. It starts on the eve of the new moon (called Amavas), the time when the wheat crop is ready for yield.